Element actions component not exposing action functions

Hi Plasmic community :fire:!

I just reported an issue with the element action components, who are registering but not exposing the actions (functions). I created my component and copy/paste the documentation website but didn’t work. They don’t now appear in Run element action select (is deactivated). I will appreciate any help, thanks in advance! :pray:



Hey @important_owl, can you check to make sure the element with the actions is named?

Also, it could help if you send me your project’s URL.

Woho! @jason I named it and it instantly appeared in the list now :pray: many thanks.
(I didn’t see that in the docs, maybe is a bug or not documented… Just mention for future references.)

Good to hear and thanks for your feedback! I think it’s a bug. We’ll likely enforce that all elements with actions are named uniquely in the future.