Error loading Vite+React project into Plasmic Studio

Hi Plasmic team,

Since a couple of days ago, our Vite + React project is not loading into Plasmic Studio (please see screenshot with the error we are getting).

Initially, we thought it had something to do with some small changes we did to vite.config.js (we added unit testing support to our project). In order to see if it had something to do with our latest changes, we created a barebone Vite + React project on Stackblitz and configured a copy of the example Ant Design Sandbox project to have the plasmic host pointing towards the Stackblitz project.
We got the same error when the project was loading into Plasmic Studio and suspect that a recent release of Plasmic Studio causes this issue. Could you please investigate? Thank you!

Which version of @plasmicapp/loader-nextjs are you using?

"@plasmicapp/loader-react": "^1.0.240",

hmm looks like the reason is when we fetch( https://.../plasmic-host) , it is returning a 404. You may need to configure the vite server to redirect or return the content of index.html etc. instead

I cannot replicate this behavior with a local vite server, so may be how stackblitz works