Error messages when loading projects.

Please help… getting the attached on some of my projects?

Hi @short_meadowlark! Can you share your project ID? Does it happen when you perform any action or some specific one?

aHcmmhMSvCuScpmrNp3ttT it happens on open of the project

Heres the link to the project - thx guys :

Cant reload/ duplicate / save — FYI this is a project we finished 9 months ago - so perhaps realted to your new roles / project / workspace features? - as its not in a ‘workspace’ nor can we assign to one]

Any luck in finding the cause @courageous_pony ? It is a file that’s older than 6 months which may be why - but we desperately need to access this file for an event we are running using this file and code :flushed:

Hi @short_meadowlark, @fragile_hummingbird, @direct_pheasant! Sorry for the time we took to found the issue; we’ve just fixed it. Let me know if any issue persists in that project!

Thanknyou so much ! Will check and revert - appreciate the assist