"Error resolving components with Nextjs/Codegen/Plasmic"

Should there always be a src parent folder for component folder, if you have a Nextjs/Codegen/Plasmic setup?
Because I get this Vercel deployment error:
Module not found: Can't resolve '../../../src/components/base/button/button'
Which points to a src folder, that I don’t have in my local code base.

Hey Lincoln! No, this is configurable.

Can you check your srcDir and defaultPlasmicDir in the plasmic.json file?

“srcDir”: “components”,
“defaultPlasmicDir”: “./plasmic”,

So I see "componentImportPath": "./src/components/ used in my Plasmic.json.
All my components now come from pointing a Vercel deployment via config custom app host, where once I was importing them via import project.
I’ll try edit componentImportPath from the project I deployed and see if that changes my Plasmic.json file on next sync