Error when importing Ant Button Props

I have this code which used ChakraUI and I wanted to see if I can use Ant instead, but I get an error with AntdButtonProps .
So how do I add Ant Button Props?

import { AntdButtonProps, AntdButton as AntdButtonComponent } from "@plasmicpkgs/antd5/skinny/registerButton";
import { wrapTokens } from '../tokensCtx';

const Wrapped = wrapTokens(AntdButtonComponent, 'container');

export const Button = (props: ButtonProps) => {
return <Wrapped {...props} />;

@yang I posted this here ^^^ instead of continuing the DMs.

What’s wraptokens? Is that something that is supposed to work with ant? Note that Aunt has this theming token system, generally these are provided via context rather than passed into individual components:

Wraptokens comes from TokenStudios architect.
It’s currently implements ShadowDOM and their new resolver/modifier system and exports Comp tokens as CSS vars . It bypasses Chakra’s Tokens system, so I assume it will also bypass Ants.

Seems Plasmic’s Ant package only has some components, where are I have all the Chakra UI’s free core and even the complex Pro components. So maybe best to show you this when we next meet.