Error when pre-rendering Simple component.

Trying to fix one more build error that happens while pre-rendering using SSG:

PLASMIC: Encountered error when pre-rendering Simple: TypeError: Cannot read properties of undefined (reading 'details')

Simple is the name of a code component that’s included in several of my plasmic pages. The component doesn’t have any field called details that I’m aware of.

Any ideas?

It would be really nice if Plasmic had more detailed error messages here. Hard to narrow down where in the code where I might be inadvertently accessing a property of something that’s undefined

I thought maybe the error was happening because my Simple component (also known as NavBar in my code) had a slot leftSide that didn’t have a defaultValue. So I added an empty array for the defaultValue but the error is still happening :confused:

PLASMIC.registerComponent(NavBar, {
  name: 'NavBar',
  props: {
    leftSide: {
      type: 'slot',
      defaultValue: []
    showLink: 'boolean'

Hey plasmic team, bumping this thread. Any idea what might be causing this error while pre-rendering my code component?

The error should be thrown by code running in the NavBar function… does NavBar call out to any hooks?

It calls both useEffect and useState… would that cause the error? (code screenshot fyi)

@chungwu thoughts?

hmm definitely nothing jumps out from the screenshot; can we take a look at your repo?

sure, i think i already gave access to plasmic ops

appreciate the help

it looks like it’s coming from chakra useBreakpointValue(); you can try wrapping what you’re passing into extractPlasmicQueryData() with the chakra theme provider

Just for the record this worked great, here’s what the code in my [[…catchall]].tsx file looks like now.

  const queryCache = await extractPlasmicQueryData(
    <ChakraProvider theme={theme}>
      <PlasmicRootProvider loader={PLASMIC} prefetchedData={plasmicData} pageParams={pageMeta.params} skipFonts={true}>
        <PlasmicComponent component={pageMeta.displayName} />


Thanks @chungwu!