Errors deleting mobile breakpoint

I’m trying to convert a component library from desktop-first to mobile-first and I’m getting these errors when trying to delete my previous Mobile Breakpoint. There are artboards using the variant. Trying to add another breakpoint then delete this one doesn’t work. We’re able to change the pixel value of the breakpoint but not delete it.


Hi Taylor, is it possible to remove the artboards that uses the variant and then trying to delete it ? This may unblock you, but this is definitely a bug I will be investigating it

I’ll give that a shot!

Not working :disappointed:

We’re getting this message still


this is what the component looks like

I found the issue, will be pushing a fix for it really soon, sorry for the inconvenience

I appreciate it @fmota! Do you have an ETA on when that’ll land?

1-2 hours at most, I will ping you here as soon as it lands

oh wow, that’s awesome! tyvm for your help and the quick response

It’s out, if you refresh your page and try to delete it should work

It worked perfectly, thanks Felipe!