Experiencing slowness with Next.js app exported from Plasmic

Hi Guys, wondering if anyone could assist with slowness I’m experiencing with a Next.js app exported from plasmic. New to the platform and Next and any help or suggestions would be much appreciated.

Hey @concerted_snake! Would you mind sharing your app URL and giving more information about the slowness?

App URL: https://studio.plasmic.app/projects/8HMNFKnEv7gJ55SbTqvTiU

There’s a latency period that’s noticeable when attempting to scroll up or down the web page and it’s killing the UX honestly.

Some context, I’m adding to the codebase locally as well. (web3 app components) that are not visible but backend features.

this behavior is not occuring in plasmic studio, but does occur on our test vercel production application

Interesting. Studio preview does not seem to lag, and it works by generating the same code that is published. Can you share the vercel-hosted site URL?

Sure thing, sharing now