Exploring Plasmic vs pure Tailwind

Hi everyone, happy to join the community, I will start a little project to basically try Plasmic vs pure Tailwind using this tutorial (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3xrko3GpYoU) as a reference, if anyone has any advice I will take them! My target is obviously to be able to use Plasmic, I am doing this to find the current limitations

Very cool! Feel free to share your feedback/questions as you go. :slightly_smiling_face:

yes please do

ok so here I am, I did the tuto and I will try to create my pipeline step by step: as of now I managed to design a simple GUI, synced to GH, local checkout and now I start adding mu custom code. Do we agree that this is supposed to be the process and that there is no way to edit code logic apart from locally? (no online code editor)

While I have never done this, in theory you could use an online code editor (https://catswhocode.com/online-code-editor/) and connect it to Github. - Just curious do you currently use an online code editor?

no I am using VCS, I managed to have everything working locally but I don’t see where I can put my code logic (to use a button or replace a text variable for example)

@proposed_bee That’s right, all code is edited using normal development tools.

Are you building a website or app? And are you using PlasmicLoader or codegen?

follow up on our DM conversation, I understand that I need to use Codegen as otherwise Headless API doesnt allow me to use my own JS logic with React components generated by Plasmic. I will check that tomorrow and get back to you asap

You can still do it with headless api, they’re both the same expressiveness, but if you are expecting to do a heavy amount of this, you’ll probably have a nicer experience with codegen

ok, it would be great to have a simple tutorial though (one with Headless, one with Codegen eventually) to show a simple page with a Text box and a button, and how to add code to it, to for example get an alert box on button click and a counter increment in the text box

Have you already seen the app building tutorials? Such as https://docs.plasmic.app/learn/todomvc-tutorial/