Exploring staging and production environments in Plasmic.

I am new on Plasmic and love creating content in plasmic from figma UI. I have no idea on how staging and production environtment works. plasmic publish default to production mode. but I would like to see that how staging works and how starging environment publish to subdomain of the primary site like staging.example.com shows staging content and example.com shows production content?

likewise interested in learning!

Hi! Please take a look here: https://docs.plasmic.app/learn/multiple-environments/

@chungwu Thanks for your reply. it seems like we need to have multiple repo in order to maintain different environment. can’t we do in different branch ? like main branch will be production, staging branch will be staging and we create subdomain in netlify which points to specific branch

You shouldn’t need multipe repos; you can just pass in different version tags to initPlasmicLoader() depending on your environment