Exporting HTML/CSS from Plasmic

Hello! I’m brand new to Plasmic and I’m loving the design UX and possibilities of this platform. Can someone point me to how to export to basic HTML/CSS code? It seems codegen or the rest API may be where I need to look, but I can’t find specific examples of this relatively primitive use case spelled out. I want to deploy a basic static site as I wrap my head around plasmic’s capabilities. Ideal workflow for this would be Design in Plasmic studio > HTML/CSS Code > GitHub.

The closest thing to exporting basic HTML/CSS as far as I know may be the JavaScript export option.

If you’re just going to have a simple html website though I think just publishing to Plasmic hosting would be simpler.

Agreed on plasmic hosting being the simplest route. Wanted to test out code export on something I am familiar with too but I will try both. Thanks!

Hi, the rest API would indeed give you normal html/css/js which you can dump anywhere, for any page. If you want a full static site with html/css/js of all pages, you can use next js and export your site. It’s not as simple as a point-and-click download of a whole bundle, but it is something you can automate using say GitHub actions. Let me know if that helps.

hi @yang Do you think the rest API could be used to render our pages on Shopify Hydrogen V2 (Cloudflare)?