Exporting static HTML/CSS/JS from Plasmic.app

So I am following this reply on how to export hmtl, css, js static website from plasmic.app. https://forum.plasmic.app/t/generate-static-html-and-css-files/1468/2 . I pushed a next js project to my github repo, then i cloned it locally but i do not see any html. Then I found on the next js docs that you can export like this https://nextjs.org/docs/pages/building-your-application/deploying/static-exports#configuration, but this is giving a lot of errors. Could you help me please? I even tried to push the branch to github pages, but it opens a webpage that just says to run npm run dev

What are the errors?

That should be the way

Thanks for the reply, I PMed you

I’m not sure why you’re getting errors with react, but that seems like it an issue with your environment? Can you try the following

Just create a normal next JS app with create-next-app

Try to make a static build run with that, ignoring plasmic

Do you get any errors there?