Extend Chart Type Options

Hi Team :wave: Requesting to extend our Chart type options pretty please :pray: Thanks!

Also, how can I use the chart from a structured table?

What extensions are you looking for?

Regarding your second question, do you mean you’re trying to insert a chart nested as a cell content within table? If so that’s not possible currently, tables don’t support freeform content

Hello @yang :wave: I mean can I use a table or a view as a data source for our chart conponent?

Yes, the table has state (such as selected row) that you can use in dynamic values on other components (such as the form that is connected to the table in the tutorial project)

Oh sorry I meant a supabase table as a data source for making charts…

When you select the chart and choose the data that you want, you can point it to a query of your supabase table

Thanks @yang!