External data not populating in Plasmic.

Hey Everyone, I think I’m overlooking something obvious. I added a “State Variable” to my Page Data and configured it to “Allow External Access” (Read/Write). I then render my page using the next js loader (i.e. <PlasmicRootProvider ...><PlasmicComponent component={compMeta.displayName}/></PlasmicRootProvider> as described in the docs under “Render a single Plasmic page or component”) How can I now provide the data for that variable? And how can I update that variable later on?

You can add a prop and set the initial value of the state to the prop.
Then using interactions theres a “set variable” function

You mean like this?: <PlasmicComponent component={compMeta.displayName} MyVar={[{text: "foo"}]} /> that doesn’t seem to work for me

try using the prop componentProps
like this

That worked. I tried it before and then it didn’t, but I obviously made some typo then. So this does explain the obvious thing I was missing :slightly_smiling_face: