Faq section overlapping or hidden under footer

Hello everyone, i need your help on solving some easy problems, i was working on plasmic to develop a landing page which have an accordion FAQ section but it overlaps or gets hidden under the footer section. Would you please help me with this problem?

Is the element containing this text set to “hug content”?

Hi @buoyant_mastodon , can you share some details? Which Plasmic project URL and live URL?

@consoling_octopus Yeah all the texts are set to “hug content”

@yang https://test-rayo.plasmic.run/residential-proxies here is the link to the live test link. Please check it in the mobile screen size, by expanding each FAQ content.

(no content)

Hi @buoyant_mastodon, I looked into the project, and found the issue - a root free box, which causes everything to be absolutely positioned. Let me know if this helps: