Feature request, allow all HTTP method in data queries

I’m researching how to use RestAPI to by pass multiple file upload, then ran into another potential wall.

Not all platform out there do GET POST PUT etc, here’s one where every request is POST…


Is there a current workaround to integrate this platform?

Hi Robi, I see, you are trying to use data queries in the right side bar, but you aren’t able to do it, because it’s limiting you to only GET requests right ?

Correct. This is the 2nd major roadblock I’m facing. Not all REST API follow conventions.

Right now I’m stuck with unable to upload multiple attachment, I can’t figure out a workaround. In comparison the issue with form state seems so minor

I did find a platform that allow upload multiple files as array in a single request, xata.io , but it implements postgres via RESTapi which follows the conventions until the part for querying, they are all POST. It does make sense a filter request should be POST