Feedback on our website made in Plasmic

Hey Plasmic Fam!

Is this a reasonably usable and responsive design built in Plasmic?

We’d LOVE any negative or critical feedback!

I believe you are handling the layout changes correctly across the breakpoints. What I would tweak is the dark mode because it seems that you are just inverting the colors, while I think it needs a subtler approach. Let me see if I can retrieve an article on the subject I’ve seen a few days ago. Dark mode can indeed be tricky.

here you go:

Awesome resource!!! Thanks @victorious_kite!

you’re welcome :thumbsup:

Would love to see how you did this … I have spet weeks trying to get my designs be resposnive like this — its really really difficult - certain variants being recorded accidnelty into breakpoints - with no way to remove them … been pulling my hair out ! would you be willing to share the project by any chance for the coomunity to learn ?

Hey @fragile_hummingbird! We’re not in a position to share any components in the community just yet. Although, we hope to soon. However, I’m happy to spend a few minutes with you to help you.

First. If it wasn’t hard, would it be worth doing? :thinking_face:

Second, there are some template projects Plasmic has available. After you’ve played Plasmic levels, you can checkout a template project. Those should help you get familiar with how breakpoints work. There are a lot of things to learn about responsive design. I’d setup your breakpoints, understand to make changes on the biggest breakpoint you can, as the smaller ones inherit the changes. Make changes at the component level, or base breakpoint.

Third, DM me if you’d like. You’re welcome to invite me to a project, and we can spend a few minutes together working through some things. Good luck!

Thank you! have done step 1 and 2, and delivered a few projects (4) - would love to invite you to some projects and and work together on some questions :slightly_smiling_face: Appreciated! @short_meadowlark ccd