Figma plugin is stuck at exporting layers

Figma plugin stuck at exporting layers

How do I solve this issue?

Could you share your Figma file with us? Either link, or privately with

There cheers

hmm for now this appears to be caused by the two images in the second artboard. We’ll look into what’s causing the issue, but for now please try excluding them from the artboard before you import into Plasmic. You can then import the pictures individually by copying them as svg and pasting them into Plasmic

Oh wow thanks will do just that

And it works now, thanks.:raised_hands:

Just tried adding more pages and same stuff tried detaching the images insatnces like i did those other pages but no luck; Search, Faq, Profile02, Upload.

Also is there any way I can see error messages to enable me debug failed exporting issues by myself?

Things seem to work after clearing the image fill for this element:

Oh okay thanks guess I should remove all images on all components.