Filtering selected row in Postgres

Hey, I’m having trouble filtering by the selected row. When I submit my form (“selectedDeal”), I want to send the form values to Postgres to update the row that’s selected in my table (“allDeals”). Am I doing something wrong here? Plasmic’s 5 minute app tutorial mentions the need for a filter, but doesn’t show an example of how it should be done.

Would you mind sharing a link to the Plasmic project/page?

(It looks as though there’s an array being passed in, any chance selectedRowKeys is being picked?)

Sure, it’s

I’m not so technical but I thought selectedRow was the array and selectedRowKey is the primary key of that row

I think something is wrong with selectedRowKey, we’ll dig into it - for now please try using selectedRow → id instead

We have a fix on the way for the tutorial too, thanks for mentioning that

Thanks for looking into this. The data picker stops at selectedRow (doesn’t break out further into the row’s fields), so I typed $ – but it doesn’t work properly when testing. One time it updated the values as intended, twice it returned the attached error, and now it just does nothing on submit.