flex-shrink shows wrong value in studio interface

When I create a flex container studio interface by default shows flex-shrink: 1 (toggle is blue), but the flex container does not shrink.

Here is a screen video

Hi @maksim_egorov , can you paste the URL of the project here?

Hi @yang , here is project url

Here is screen video. I make a new one to show you when exactly does it happens.

I may be misunderstanding but in your video I do see both left and right sides shrinking, for instance the left box is <400px.

@yang hi!

Sorry for being not descriptive enough
I made a new screen video.

Here is a project link

I’m sorry, I’m really not sure where in the video I should be focusing, since many things are being shown. :frowning:

Would you mind sharing just a screenshot pointing to exactly the element that has flex shrink set but is not behaving?

Hi @yang .

Save it and zoom to be able to read.

Container 1. Pay attention to flex-srink value in studio and in css.
This container behaves opposite that we see in studio.

Container 2. Works ok. I add it here so you can see differences between two of them.

Hope it helps :sweat_smile:

Just wanted to give you an update that we’re still digging into this issue - thanks to your patient explanation.

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