Font not rendering with expected weight

Curious what’s going on with the font rendering, for some reason Plasmic’s showing up much thicker than other tools

This might seem trivial, but for what I’m building it’s a big deal that my fonts look accurate to the designs. Do you know what might be causing the issue?

I’d check which variant of the font is selected. I hade a similar issue, it was set to “Medium-Bold” or something like that (and it showed up that way in plasmic studio), and that variant wasn’t installed on my system, neither had I the css import for that variant in my codebase.

This is happening for all fonts, not just Roboto. They’re showing up thicker. It appears to me a rendering issue of Plasmic @stuck_guineafowl

Could you send me your project ID?

@chungwu it’s really just the main Plasmic levels that I got that screenshot from for comparison to the other tools. But I can DM you the URL and project ID

Hmm how did you take that picture of them side by side? Plasmic is just using normal browser rendering of fonts, so it should at least match HTML