Footer component appearing in all artboards

Not sure if I set something up incorrectly with NextJS, but after I tried updating the layout of _app.tsx to include a SSR footer component built in plasmic, the footer component is now appearing on Plasmic-built pages, even though the component is not showing up in the outline…. When I click on the mysterious footer, I get an “unknown element” error. Thanks! :slightly_smiling_face:

Hi @managerial_vicuna! Right now we don’t support custom UI on the plamsic-host page; would it work if you check if it’s the plasmic-host page in _app.tsx and don’t render the footer in that case?

oh that is DEFINITELY what’s happening. thank you that fixed my issue! fwiw, it may be helpful to include that note in the docs in case others run into that issue :slightly_smiling_face: (might just be me that didn’t realize this :woman-facepalming:)

oops indeed! :sweat_smile: thank you for the feedback!