Form data submission -> database

Can’t figure this out, granted I’m not a React pro, but as I’ve got basically everything else for a site set in Plasmic, I need help with only this one thing.

How can I have a form submit to a database? The button on the form only has a link attribute I can find. What if I want this to go to MongoDB? There must be a way to link a Plasmic form to a database, right? Without creating all new React components?

Thank you!

The only pure no code forms that are supported by plasmic currently are simple http forms.

For other types of forms that use JavaScript to display things or actuator other state on the page, he’s dependent a lot more on your application and use case. You will need to provide your own code components, such as this example here of a sophisticated multi-step dynamic form:

In the near future we will be releasing deeper support for more sophisticated interactivity and forms that do not require custom components.