Form not displaying on deployed site.

i have a hubspot form that im embedding into my site
it is loading on plasmic studio but when deployed the form doesnt show if i hard navigate into the page only works if i navigate to it using links within the site

does anyone have any idea what could be the reason? note im deploying on vercel using next js

Is this an iframe? How does the embed work?

its something like this

<script charset="utf-8" type="text/javascript" src="<>"></script>
<div id="demo-form"></div>
  if (window.hbspt) {
          portalId: 'xxxxxxx',
          formId: 'xxxx-xxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxxxxxx',
          target: '#demo-form'

I’m very interested in this as well and asked recently about this in help

@yang any idea?

@yang have you had a chance to look at this? I’m curious about this as well

@alyssa_feola I unfortunately haven’t had time to dive into setting up Hubspot and learning how it integrates… :disappointed: