Forms, Ant v5, and app building blocks

<!channel> This has been a long time coming: forms!

This builds upon Plasmic’s state management foundations. Makes forms - including dynamic, repeated, nested, multistep forms, with custom components, and all their intricacies around validation - much simpler than previously possible.

This release also comes with the latest and greatest of the Ant design system.

And on top of Ant, we now have larger and easier to use “batteries included” components, starting with Tables and Page Layouts.

Check out the announcement for the full details and examples - as always, we want to hear what you think!

Excited about the page layouts

FORMS :heart: :heart: :heart:

@allied_guanaco Your feedback was super helpful in our internal iterations on this!

@yang that’s awesome! I’m super thrilled to hear that!


Yes I’ve been waiting for this!

You really couldn’t have had better timing for me. Exactly the features I would have requested next. Now I can skip choosing libraries and finish my app.


Is it possible to use this feature like a search field to query a backend database

@domestic_reptile I would imagine so - as long as your backend has an API that Plasmic can make requests to.

I’m using supabase for backend, but I want to know how to implement it thank you

I haven’t used the new Form components yet, and it looks like they haven’t made it to the Plasmic docs yet :disappointed:

I’ve done it with code components - basically I’ve created a code component, and had it fetch to the backend API.

hey guys, super excited about this feature and all the new ones, but i think the docs need to be updated accordingly cause there is a lot missing - so i don’t quite know where to start