Forms post multiple empty entries.

Hey guys,
I have an issue with forms. I built a simple form in the simplified mode. Goal is to send an http POST request to an API of my CMS to get the new entry into the database, so I configured the “OnSubmit”-Interaction which sends the state of “form” as raw json and it kinda works, but…
Problem 1: When submitting it generates a load of entries: Sometimes 4, sometimes 24! Some of them are empty, some have just parts of the data.
Problem 2: Only the placeholder data in the form is being sent as if the forms state is not being updated before sending it. Maybe I have to configure this beforehand?
Thank you very much in advance!

Hey @swift_silverfish! Can you share your project id?

sure, it’s: eiCyaSGuLpejrKhtB9igxE
Thank you for your quick response @samuel

@samuel anything, I can do to prevent this behavior?