General questions about Plasmic

Hello! Just started playing around with Plasmic today and have some questions.

  1. Does plasmic hot reload on a local next ja project without publishing the plasmic project?
  2. Does plasmic lower page load times?
  3. Can you export the source code from plasmic?

Might be the wrong channel for those questions, apologies if so

Hi @royal_fox,

  1. It live updates your design in your app as you make edits, if you are running with preview:true
  2. Plasmic supports pre-rendering in SSR/SSG frameworks such as Next.js, and includes built-in bundle/image optimization
  3. You can generate code—see

Wonderful @yang. Thank you! I will be testing it out to see if it is the right tool for my project. Seems like it is so far!

One last one on the code-gen. Is there a load time advantage to having the code physically generated into the project? I want to assume yes but I am not sure how the regular code import using the npm package works.

No, there’s no advantage there—PlasmicLoader API also supports build-time pre-rendering (just use getStaticProps as documented in the quickstart)

Awesome, thank you.