Get 500 errors when calling Plasmic via REST API

Hello, I get 500 errors when calling plasmic via the rest api.

If I try with in preview mode, I simply get 500 errors, be it with my own code or by copy-pasting the curl call in a terminal

When I curl in published mode, I get this response, which looks like a 302 :

Found. Redirecting to /api/v1/loader/html/versioned/MY_PROJEC_ID@3.0.2/Podcast?cb=8&embedHydrate=1&hydrate=1&componentProps=%7B%7D&globalVariants=%5B%5D

What can I do ?

I tried to follow the redirect, and had this new error :

{"error":{"name":"UnauthorizedError","statusCode":401,"message":"Missing API token - make sure your plasmic.auth have the 'token' field."}}

we’re looking into it

could you try again? the 500s should be fixed

Thx, it works!