Getting 500 on plasmic sync

Got 500 on plasmic sync --projects xyz

Plasmic error: Error: request failed with status code 500. The response is
  <!DOCTYPE html>
<html lang="en">
<meta charset="utf-8">
<pre>Internal Server Error</pre>

Are you still having the same error?

@icaro Yes, the problem persists, unfortunately :disappointed:

Had the same error once before, and it was solved by Chung Wu. Are there some steps I can do on my end to somehow solve this error 500 myself? or is it multicaused?

I’m investigating the problem, thanks for the tip I’ll take a look at how Chung solved last time

I’ve managed to fix it, it’s some hidden component variants problem causing conflicts that even the “preview artboard” turns blank

I reworked how the variants are set up, and now everything works fine

Thank you @gabrielpessoa @icaro for the help, let me know if you need the bugged plasmic components, I did save a version on them

Don’t worry! I have saved a version too

Also, if you prefer the old variants, I found a quick fix which I’ll explain on your dm

Sure, let’s dm @gabrielpessoa