Getting a bug syncing Figma and Plasmic

Hi team, I am getting a bug trying to sync Figma<>Plasmic. Could anyone assist?

Hi @fellow_panther, can you share the Figma design you’re trying to import and which part you’re running into issues with?

Yang so sorry, the bug was on my end. Thank you and @tiago for coming back to me so promptly today, I really appreciate it.

Rookie question, is there an easy way for me to export back to Figma? I made quite a nice landing page I’d like to bring into our master design file in Figma

Hey @fellow_panther! There isn’t (unless maybe they have some HTML/CSS importer plugin I’m unaware of)

Hey team, could you please delete our account? I can’t find access to do so in the UI, Thank you :slightly_smiling_face: