Getting a Hydration failed error

Hydration failed error: So I have had an Hydration error before and I don’t remember what the exact solution was and I can not find it by searching.

It had something to do with nesting in Plasmic or an not have a specific tag type “link?” as root or nested?

@vocational_aphid I haven’t had this exact error, but (sort of related, if it’s helpful) I’ve had hydration mismatches happen when:

• Plasmic sync happens to localhost in the background to reflect changes in Studio (usually only happens once, then a local refresh fixes it)
• When I have a component whose root tag is a <p> or other non-<div> element, and the slot is within it (Plasmic adds a <div> around slot contents, so Next.js will freak out if you have a <div> inside of a <p>)
Hope it’s helpful. Definitely go through the full stacktrace in the console and see if you can catch the names of any Plasmic components or your own custom components, since that will help you find where the error is happening

Thank you for the reply :slightly_smiling_face: I will give these tips a go :pray:

This also commonly happens if you have ended up with nested anchors (some <a/> in another <a/>) or as Mike said, block-level tags inside a <p/>. You can test it with document.querySelectorAll("a a")