Getting a lot of errors from Plasmic loader

Hi all,

Getting a lot of errors from the new plasmic loader "@plasmicapp/loader-nextjs": "1.0.201"
The errors are triggering some sort of invalid json error.

Anyone from the team available to help me debug the root cause?

This may be related to temporary blips as we rolled out a new schema… is it still happening?


Yes still occurring… Started around 12 around Amsterdam time

Datadog is not giving us anything useful at the moment. Just unable to parse json because malformed


I think I have the same issue with the gatsby loader
(I tried upgrading to the latest loader version, to no avail)

This completely blocks us from building our website…

Out of curiosity, What node version you are using?


@mighty_donkey could you also try upgrading to the latest loader-gatsby? It should hopefully be throwing an error with a better error message.

It has been fixed on Monday without needing to upgrade the loader. I did not try to upgrade the loader since