Getting a slow page speed on mobile

I’m thinking on how Plasmic generated it’s CODE + CSS because I’m trying to measure the speed from my mobile pages but I’m having always a low speed result. Does anyone is having problem with mobile speed? Is there any way to supercharge your code to get better results using Plasmic?

My application is set-up to desktop-first, but imagining the actual css and processors from browsers it shouldn’t be a problem. I’m thinking on building everything from ground up in mobile first to see if there any better result.

Hi @miniature_horse, whether it’s desktop or mobile first does not affect the page speed.

I’m also assuming you are already using something like Next.js for pre-rendering.

The main next thing to check is to ensure all your variant changes are limited to style/layout/visibility changes, and not content/prop changes. Do you see any such changes?

I’ve already reviewed every component, and I do not have anything beyond style/layout/visibility. When you say “content/prop changes,” are you including the creation of a slot target?