Getting an error from following the Quickstart GUI tutorial

Hi everyone, I just stumbled across Plasmic a couple days ago and I’m pretty blown away by the demo I watched. I don’t know React or Next very well, but want to learn more and would like to give it a try with Plasmic. So first off, hello! :wave:

I am having an issue getting started though. I’m working on the Quickstart GUI tutorial with Next.js and am getting errors after making changes to the Plasmic project:

I’m not sure how to debug this, so any help is appreciated.

This is the tutorial I’m working from:

Hi! Don’t worry about this specifically – it’s just a warning. We’ll clean up the starter template!

Ok, thanks Chung. I thought it may have been preventing my local from updating when I made changes in Studio, but I’ll read on to see how this is supposed to work!

For nextjs, you may only see your changes if you reload the nextjs page…