Getting API output into table.

Where you can do a post/get with the dynamic data on each line item

Yeah, I can do that as a last resort I just want to be able to do it inside the table component :confused:

Cause this DOES work. If I alert() the output, I do see the relevant data in my browser. I just can’t get the code component to output it.

So are you abke to drag the data fetch component into a table row?

Otherwise another hacky solution would be to create a state variable object/array

And then in that code

Store the output in the appropriate array item of your state variable

Then reference rhat in the table. Very hacky. Bur if you can pull the data fetch component into the table thats probably best

Or also try in that code to

Place a return statement before your fetch request

And remove the variable declaration

What would I do to this code then?

await fetch('<>')
.then(response => response.json())
.then(data => {
primaryCareTrust = data.result.primary_care_trust;

Replace await with return


let primaryCareTrust;

await fetch('<>')’)
`.then(response => response.json())
.then(data => {
primaryCareTrust = data.result.primary_care_trust;

return primaryCareTrust;`

replacing await with return does this:


Ok yes sorry in that case use the second code snippet I sent

Seem to get the same result


When I hover over that it TELLS me the output. How can I get that data outputted though?


Did you place return in front primaryCareTrust there at the end?

And did you declare it asvariable at the top? The snippet is cropped so can’t tell