Getting API output into table.

How do I show the output of this API in studio?

I don’t quite understand how plasmic’s code editor works. If I do alert(), I can get the output returned to my browser. How can I get this to appear in my table? I essentially want to take a post/zipcode and output it’s relevant council.



If you are using this as a get request you can make a data query

Then in the table component you can connect to the output of this data query

But how do I get it to return the relevant postcode for currentItem in the table?

I can set a single prop in the query URL but can I query according to each current item?


@heady_impala I can do this, but I want to do


Hover over custom value you will see the green Thunder sign click on that then click on code editor and you will be able t concatanate your desired string


Im super familiar with using dynamic values and the code editor, but how do I do this here? I can easily go into the data picker and see the output of this API, but I want the API to return something different according to which row I’m on

what I was suggesting you do in the code editor us“ + current.Item.postcode

Copy and paste that in the code editor available after clickung that thunder sign.

This will
Make sure that every row will have their unique value


But I’ve already showed the outcome of that in my first message here :sweat_smile:

If I fetch via API in the code editor, I get Promise {} - I’m asking how to show the output



Yes and what I told you to use is not fetch.

I told you to use a data query instead and to use the output of the data query either in a table/ list rendering element and then you will be able to access each individual item.

check the video here:

Or if you dont want to do that, use the “data fetching component”

But I don’t want the output of that data query in a table.

• I have my existing data from an SQL database in a table.
• One of the fields in that database is “Postcode”
• I want that column of the table to return content from a postcode validator API, using the postcode from my SQL database as the query.

This just returns the API URL as a string. What was it you were trying to do with the copy and paste thing you mentionend?


I see

In that case put a data fetcher component in your table list items is that possible?

If not instead of using table

Create a flex horizontal item and do a repeater

Then inside of that, use the data fetching component