Getting build error with plasmic-nav

Hi all, getting issues on our Next.js build with the following error:

ERROR	Error: Unknown module @plasmicpkgs/plasmic-nav

Not sure if I did something wrong :sweat:

Hi @qualified_tapir! Can you please share more context about this error? did you insert the plasmic responsive navigation component in the studio?

Thank you, we inserted the Navigation Bar from plasmic-nav

Thank you so much for reporting this issue! We are currently publishing a fix for it, will send an update here once the fix is ready!

@qualified_tapir the fix is live now! Can you please try to reload the studio and re-publish your plasmic project?

Monir, it is fixed! Thank you :pray:

@multiple_vole is this error related to the same issue? Got it as soon as I opened a project in studio. (It also appears as a toast)


@top_cat thanks a lot for reporting the issue, the project should work normally now!