Getting CSRF error in Plasmic Studio

now getting this

hmmm it seems to be an intermittent issue, does it work if you reload?

resolved itself after a little bit

now this every ~15 min - it keeps losing my changes

I keep getting this error as well

Its not letting me publish a new version right now :disappointed:

console errors that get triggered when it fails

we’re investigating it - sorry about that

we’ve just identified the root cause and are deploying a the fix now. It should stop happening

@keen_crow publishing should be back working too

Looks like its working, thanks!

Another issue unfortunately with syncing happening. If I list the version as “latest” and run plasmic sync --projects xxxxxxx (xxxxxx is a placeholder project id) nothing happens. If I manually publish and then add the newest version, it throws an error:

Plasmic error: Internal Server Error

hi @keen_crow! It seems you’re syncing version 17.0.0 of your project, but it doesn’t seem to have any published version. Could you check if you have "version": "latest", in your plasmic.json and that it is using the correct projectId ?

oh interesting. The projectId listed in the plasmic.json, and the projectId that I originally used to sync is not the same that I’m seeing on the plasmic site side. As far as I know I didn’t do anything to change the ID, is it normal for it to change like that?