Getting empty JSON response from loader API


We have this issue in our production website.

Error: Error parsing JSON response: SyntaxError: Unexpected end of JSON input; response:
  at r.parseJsonResponse (/app/node_modules/@plasmicapp/loader-fetcher/dist/loader-fetcher.cjs.production.min.js:1:971)
  at runMicrotasks (<anonymous>)

We are trying to understand where the issue is coming from.

It was working a couples minutes ago.

Do you have anything on your side ?

We’re investigating. Are you deployed on vercel?

For us its AWS

AWS also

Any update on this issue ? @chungwu

Do you know if the error is at the plasmic init step, PLASMIC.fetchComponentData, extractPlasmicQueryData or the actual PlasmicRootProvider component ?

We have a hard time reproducing the error on our side, but it makes our website pages display Error 500 instead of the design

@chungwu @yang

If you have any idea, it would help us a lot !

From our side it produces tons of error logs, with the occasional 500.

Could you try upgrading to the latest @plasmicapp/loader-nextjs? It doesn’t fix the issue but would log the response status