Getting error from merging $ctx branches and running fix-imports

Hi, after merging two branches and attempting to run fix-imports I get this error.

Fixing import statements...

Plasmic error: Identifier '$ctx' has already been declared. (90:8)
error Command failed with exit code 1.

Is there anyway to re-sync files in the components/plasmic folder without overwriting component files we have made changes to?

Edit: To clarify the steps that got us here. A feature branch with the latest plasmic files got merged into main while main had not been synced recently, after the merge in main the files in the plasmic folder now are the latest and plasmic sync works but this error shows when running fix-imports. Also many plasmic files are causing this build error now as well

  x the name `$ctx` is defined multiple times
 143 | const $ctx = ph.useDataEnv?.() || {};
     :       ^^|^
     :         `-- previous definition of `$ctx` here
 144 |   const args = Object.assign(
 145 |     {},
 146 |
 147 |     props.args
 148 |   );
 149 |
 150 |   const $props = args;
 151 |   const $ctx = ph.useDataEnv?.() || {};
     :         ^^|^
     :           `-- `$ctx` redefined here

Deleting all the plasmic files and using plasmic sync --all-files worked!