Getting invalid json body from server

This should have been fixed?

I have the same issue, it’s a different one I believe from the CORS one mentioned above.

@chungwu I think this is the same one I have from our DM’s :+1:

Help? @yang this is our most important page that doesn’t work now

@valid_chipmunk We’re looking now - are you still seeing that error when making requests to that endpoint?

Yes… it does work for the preview environment… which is weird - working - does not work

what’s your nextjs / node version?

@very_crab has run into similar issues before (still trying to chase down the root cause), but re-deploying seems to fix it for him

node 16.13.1

next 12.2.5

We’ve updated plasmic package and redeployed… and it works now. Not sure if it’s related

Good to know - thanks @valid_chipmunk, and apologies for the production impact on your page. We’ll need to keep digging into what happened here. Please let us know if you experience anything else with this in the meantime.

Thanks guys

Could you try upgrading to the latest loader package again? We’ve added some more logging to see exactly what response you’re receiving when json parsing fails

It’s late evening (9PM) here - so I can do it only tomorrow

hmm, I’m still seeing 500 on :thinking_face:

Weird… doesn’t happen to me now

Oh… it does