Getting limited results from data fetchers.

Are data fetcher components hard limited to 50 results? I have queries that are supposed to return more than 50 but they never do if called via a data fetcher. They do return more if created as page queries or via action > Run integration. I even tried setting a page size in the prop field of the data fetcher but still I only get 50.

Hmm, couldn’t reproduce the issue here. Maybe you can right click on the pagination settings and unset them?

Something very odd was happening here, I’ll just leave the steps here for reference:

  1. I tried reproducing the issue in a new project by adding a data fetcher and setting it up with the same query and param, but it returned the correct number of results - in this case 100, based on the parameter provided (set to 100).
  2. I compared the two data fetchers and although they were setup the same way, one returned 100 and the other 50.
  3. I unset pagination values and removed and added back the limit parameter - still 50.
  4. I added a new data fetcher alongside the problematic one, same configuration, and it returned 100 !?
  5. As a last step, I unset the Data prop of the problematic Fetcher and recreated the operation with the same settings. This time it returned 100 correctly.
    So somehow that particular fetcher was simply stuck and the only way to fix it was either to unset the data and recreate the operation or simply delete the component and create a new one.

Can you send me the link to take a look at this problematic data fetcher?

I would but now it’s no longer problematic… it works correctly lol

I’ll send you a link if it happens again. I believe it was originally added inside a Data list component, and then later moved out of it. I wonder if that could have caused the issue.

Well, I just tried in a separate project - adding a data fetcher inside a data list as before and it works fine… We’ll just call it the Bermuda fetcher for now.