Getting Typescript error after recent publish in Plasmic

After a recent publish from Plasmic Studio, I got a deployment error Type error: Type 'Ref<HTMLElement> | undefined' is not assignable to type 'LegacyRef<HTMLDivElement> | undefined'.
It seems to be related to my navigation component (a Plasmic Studio-made component containing the built-in plasmic_nav component), but I don’t think I had made any relevant code/database changes so I’m puzzled as to what’s going on.

did you manage to figure this out? having the same issue

I hadn’t :confused: - hoping someone will respond

can you paste your TopNavNew.tsx?

// This is a skeleton starter React component generated by Plasmic.
// This file is owned by you, feel free to edit as you see fit.
import * as React from "react";
import {
} from "./plasmic/swingon_swing/PlasmicTopNavNew";
import { HTMLElementRefOf } from "@plasmicapp/react-web";

// Your component props start with props for variants and slots you defined
// in Plasmic, but you can add more here, like event handlers that you can
// attach to named nodes in your component.
// If you don't want to expose certain variants or slots as a prop, you can use
// Omit to hide them:
// interface TopNavNewProps extends Omit<DefaultTopNavNewProps, "hideProps1"|"hideProp2"> {
//   // etc.
// }
// You can also stop extending from DefaultTopNavNewProps altogether and have
// total control over the props for your component.
export interface TopNavNewProps extends DefaultTopNavNewProps { }

function TopNavNew_(props: TopNavNewProps, ref: HTMLElementRefOf<"nav">) {
  // Use PlasmicTopNavNew to render this component as it was
  // designed in Plasmic, by activating the appropriate variants,
  // attaching the appropriate event handlers, etc.  You
  // can also install whatever React hooks you need here to manage state or
  // fetch data.
  // Props you can pass into PlasmicTopNavNew are:
  // 1. Variants you want to activate,
  // 2. Contents for slots you want to fill,
  // 3. Overrides for any named node in the component to attach behavior and data,
  // 4. Props to set on the root node.
  // By default, we are just piping all TopNavNewProps here, but feel free
  // to do whatever works for you.

  return <PlasmicTopNavNew root={{ ref }} {...props} />;

const TopNavNew = React.forwardRef(TopNavNew_);
export default TopNavNew;

I think you just need to switch HTMLElementRefOf<"nav"> to whatever the current root element type is… This file is owned by you so you are free to edit it

Thanks @chungwu!
Changing HTMLElementRefOf<"nav"> to HTMLElementRefOf<"div"> did the trick~ (@wispy_wildebeest)

In retrospect, I must have added a parent div to my component in Plasmic Studio, but the plasmicops bot didn’t update the component in my codebase