Getting Typescript error that a toggle variant doesn't exist

I have a toggle variant in a component that I am addressing as a subcomponent, but I am getting a ts error that this variant doesn’t exist

S2322: Type ‘{ hideSignUpButton: true; editMode: boolean; editButton: { onClick: () => void; }; smallOverlayMenu: { onClick: () => void; }; }’ is not assignable to type ‘Flex<ForwardRefExoticComponent<HeaderMenuProps & RefAttributes>>’. Object literal may only specify known properties, and ‘editMode’ does not exist in type ‘ReactElement<any, string | JSXElementConstructor> | Omit<AsOverride, “type”> | (Omit<DefaultOverride<ForwardRefExoticComponent<HeaderMenuProps & RefAttributes<…>>>, “type”> & { …; }) | (Omit<…> & { …; }) | (Partial<…> & { …; }) | ((props: HeaderMenuProps & RefAttributes<…>) => ReactNode)’. PlasmicHeader.tsx(65, 3): The expected type comes from property ‘headerMenu’ which is declared here on type ‘IntrinsicAttributes & { variants?: PlasmicHeader__VariantsArgs | undefined; args?: PlasmicHeader__ArgsType | undefined; overrides?: NodeOverridesType<…> | undefined; } & … 4 more … & { …; }’

I can send a proof video showing the studio if asked for


fixes this

does the HeaderMenuProps include isEditMode as a prop?

it does. (it’s just called editMode now)

and HeaderMenuProps does extend from DefaultHeaderMenuProps?

for some reason I dont get the ts error anymore :man-shrugging:

I actually have many cases where Plasmic gives me ts errors and I have to just ignore them.

In the same component there is:

element props are not usually exposed in DefaultHeaderMenuProps unless you’ve added it to HeaderMenuProps

also, today, (after I merged a PR from my backend dev, although that might be unrelated) I got a set of ts errors with plasmic components that come shipped with plasmic
these 4 (maybe 1 more):

doesn’t block me in any way, I’m just ignoring them.

just thought you might wanna know.