Getting typescript module error with custom .d.ts file

Anyone know how to fix this?

I recently created a decs.d.ts file containing this to fix other problems Cannot find module '...' or its corresponding type declarations.

declare module '*';

Not sure if there is a better way to fix my original issue to avoid this

hmm that should’ve been imported from the PlasmicCenteredLandingPageProps… where do you see this?

It’s part of what was automatically generated by plasmic when I use plasmic sync when I am importing a component from Plasmic from the first time @chungwu

Here’s another example of that automatically generated code by plasmic

where is it importing DefaultRightPanelProps from?


sorry what was the reason for desc.d.ts? was that intended to fix something in Plasmic-generated code?

desc.d.ts is meant to fix another issue unrelated to plasmic. That issue is every imported component/module gives me an error saying Cannot find module "[component / module]" or its corresponding type declarations . That problem is unrelated to plasmic though but fixing this problem causes the problem I had in the initial thread.