Getting "Unsupported host app detected"

I’m new to plasmic and trying to help out client that is getting unsupported host app detected but not sure how to upgrade plasmicapp/* packages in host app which is in github on vercel hosting. Any help would be greatly appreciated. The person who original created his website left and he was trying to update information from plasmic workspace but it’s not working and I think it is related to being unsupported

Hey! There are two ways to use plasmic: codegen and the headless API.
If your client is using codegen, you should upgrade the plasmicapp/host package. Otherwise, you should upgrade the plasmicapp/loader-* package (* can be nextjs/gatsby/react depending on the framework).

To detect which approach your client is using you can check if your client has a plasmic.json file (If it’s true, they are using the codegen approach).

@samuel This is what I see in github. I didn’t see plasmic.json but did see a package.json

@samuel also saw this

@samuel please forgive me if this should be a novice question that most know. I’m just trying to help a friend out that was left kind of high and dry. He tried to reach out to another developer that took advantage of him and never return call after being paid to fix this for him

No problem! You just need to upgrade the plasmicapp/loader-nextjs package.

@samuel Thank you. Last question I think, is there documentation about how to do this that I can browse to make sure I do it correctly. Or a service to pay for that will help do this for him. I don’t mind reading the documentation myself.

You will need to clone this repo and upgrade the package using yarn.
yarn add @plasmicapp/loader-nextjs

Thank you so much. I’ll give it a go and hope all goes well

@samuel this is what I got when I tried to update