GIFs are failing to load in editor and preview

Gifs are failing to load in editor and preview

All gifs or just new ones?

It seems to be all gifs


I uploaded some on monday and those don’t seem to render anymore

Actually nvm, just new ones

It just took a while for the editor to load it

Can you send me the gif file?

some additional context: this was working last night when I uploaded it

yup here it is!

Tried to reupload this image and its fails now

Can you upload the image from the left pane?

yeah it looks like i can upload on the left panel

it seems to work with the one uploaded on the left


I am investigating the other issues. Looks like its a issue with the size of the gif and the lib we use for resizing.

sounds good! strange that it worked last night and broke today, i haven’t made any changes to it

looking like this is due to me utilizing the right panel

another asset that fails to upload