GitHub code not generating changes from Plasmic UI editor.

Ok, I figured out a workaround to using GitHub instead of plasmic-host to generate the changes in code from the UI editor; not sure if that is how it is supposed to work or not…

I’m trying to Plasmic Supabase demo to work as a codegen. I have figured out that the best way to get this codegen-ified is to

  1. go from the Plasmic starter
  2. then publish as codegen through github
  3. start using that as a base code
  4. give this parity to the Supabase Demo in the example files
    a. copy over the CodeComponents file, the common.ts file into components, the util folder with the supabaseClient,
    b. update the package.json with the packages
    c. create the .env.local
    I think I’m getting stuck in two places:
    • registering components
    • feel like i’m missing editing a page that should also get edited like index.tsx or _app.tsx
    Plasmic ID: iAA1L8eXqTzzb9HWAB8E2y
    GitHub code:

We are actively updating the SB demo, assuming the one you are talking about is the one from the site, since that one is very out of date and we were working with the team there to update the content. However in the meantime, you can check out these docs which cover a much simpler way of getting data into and out of SB by using the postgres integration

amazing, thank you!

feel free to sign me up as a tester for any new demo

getting spun up on the integrations; is going about it this way a more secure method that will allow row level security to be enabled in SB if auth is enabled?

This actually authenticates always as one specific database user, so you’ll need to either disable row level security, or make it permissive for that user. This approach is integrated with the more general permissions model within plasmic:

also, suggestion (you can tell i’m excited) is that it’d be great if there was a plasmic supplemental to this

Going through the process of using Plasmic to build an app that is using the tech would be super helpful

Great suggestion!