Got access denied error

Been editing like normal and just got this AccessDeniedAccess DeniedGVE90MVEN0VYW1NGzkYa75beo6omEAYefRTrQbaGcMp17vWg5o57oVBRBjQDdYtPRDnHka2crRe0kJLBCEepdnLJCc4=

And my site gets {"message":"Missing Authentication Token"}

hmm can you send me a screenshot? not sure where you’re seeing it

guessing its a problem iv created XD

hmm looks like there’s something funky going on with the app host (

hmm probably something with cloudfront, or s3, ill take a look

or it may be the aws route53 outage being a pain

Fixed it, I had removed the cloud front single paged app redirect

although i did that 3 hours ago and invalidated the cache so not sure why it took so long :rolling_on_the_floor_laughing: blaming it on AWS :man-shrugging: