H1 with background gradient as style doesn't use 'clip to text' after build process


I made some styles for H1 and so on. H1 is transparent with a background gradient with clipping to text as seen in the first picture. The second picture shows “Testl” looks ok. Also “Lunas Blog” in which I set the background gradient after chosing “h1” as style for that text. (See third picture)

clip to text2
clip to text3

After the build process both look like this and it seems to me that using the styles doesn’t transfer the background clipping to the element.


Hi @sabine_jakubinek, thanks for reporting this. We’re digging into it. Do you have a project URL you can share? That would help us debug.

Sorry for answering this late. My project URL is Plasmic

This should be fixed now, can you confirm?

Looks good now., Thank you!